Instructions for Session Chairs 

Each presentation timeslot is strictly 40 minutes with 20 minutes for presentation and 17 minutes for discussion. You will be provided with 5-minutes and 1-minute timecards for use during each presentation.  To facilitate movement between sessions, the session should wrap up at the 37-minute mark to ensure the program runs to schedule, please adhere strictly to the program as provided. If a presenter does not arrive for their slot, please do not move other presenters forward, but rather wait until the scheduled time to begin the next presentation. 

Instructions for Presenters 

Each presentation timeslot is strictly 40 minutes with 20 minutes for presentation and 17 minutes for discussion. Please be in your session room 10 minutes prior to the start of your session to assist all sessions to run on time. Your Chair will brief you about the format of your session before the commencement of presentations.

Face-to-face presenters, if using a PowerPoint or similar presentation, please bring your file on a USB stick to the room of your presentation during the break before your session, or 20 minutes before the start of the day’s proceedings. A volunteer will assist with uploading your presentation. 

Online presentations will be live via Zoom Video Conferencing and so all presenters will need to ensure that they are available during their scheduled presentation time. The Chair will manage questions from the face-to-face participants and there will be an online facilitator to manage questions from the online participants. Online presenters will need to share their screen if using PowerPoint or similar.

Instructions for Poster Presenters 

Posters should be a maximum of ISO A0 size in portrait format and be printed on high quality paper (please try to avoid material posters). 

Poster presenters are expected to present during their designated poster session, please refer to the program to see your presenting time.

Face-to-face poster presenters: upon arrival at the Conference please check in at the Registration Desk where you will be provided with details on where and when to hang your poster. Posters will be displayed from Wednesday 30th June – Friday 2nd July. Posters are to be dismantled on Friday 2nd July by 1:30pm, following lunch. Dismantling of posters is the responsibility of the presenter and no responsibility can be accepted by the organiser for the collection or safekeeping of posters.

Online poster presenters will need to email a PDF of your poster to by the 4th June so that it can be uploaded to the conference website.